Sample Blog Review for Renegade Golf Psychology

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Blog Title: The Renegade Golf Psychology System Review

As a golfer that is always looking to improve my game, I can become overwhelmed with the volume of information that is available from the Internet, books, magazines, etc. I’m sure you feel the same way; there is no shortage of swing coaches out there.

There isn't as much variety out there for the mental training for golfers. Sure there are the standards like Bob Rotellla, Joe Parent and Gio Valiante; they absolutely have some useful materials that I have used for years. I don't know about you, but it's been a long time since I've heard anything that was different.

The Renegade Golf Psychology System was created by a team of alternative psychology coaches and elite golfers, to specifically address the most common challenges that we face out on the course (or more correctly, in our heads!), such as:

First Tee Jitters
Lack of Confidence
Losing Focus - making bad decisions
Getting Tight and Over-Swinging
Negative Thought Patterns

The Renegade Golf Psychology System differs from all of the other sports psychology products out there in three ways:

  1. It's specific to golfers. There is no doubt that the creators of this system went to great lengths to cover as many aspects of golf as possible. They drew upon their own experiences, but also consulted with elite coaches and their golfers for insights and feedback.

  2. It utilizes alternative sports psychology. The three main tools are hypnosis, NLP, and Energy Mechanics (a form of acupuncture).

  3. These guys and this system are results-oriented. They admit up-front that they are intentionally short on theory, and only care about results. All of their techniques are outside of mainstream, but as you will see from the testimonials on the website, so are the results.

One of the great things about this system is that it gives you several different techniques to test out for any of the areas you need to improve. My personal favorites are the hypnosis sessions. I was a little skeptical at first, because all I could think about was my brother doing funny things up on stage at a comedy show when he was hypnotized. But these audio sessions are nothing like that! It just feels like 20 minutes of relaxation, with the coach taking you through different segments of your game like ball striking or putting, or building confidence and playing in the zone. I felt great after each session, and within a couple of weeks started noticing improvements in several aspects of my game (and scorecard)... without any conscious effort on my part.

The NLP and Energy Mechanics techniques are very interesting and have become a staple of my pre-shot and pre-round routines. Both of these are performed in-the-moment and have proved to work well for any negative feelings that crop up, especially when I have to face a shot over water (what used to be my nemesis!). They are also very subtle, so you never have to feel self-conscious about using them.

The one drawback I had in learning these last two techniques is that I’m a visual learner. Although the descriptions are quite detailed and there are photos, I really would have done better with some video tutorials. Maybe they will add this feature to the product in the future.

The Renegade Golf Psychology System is a valuable resource for any golfer that believes that he/she can improve upon their mental training in order to drop their handicap and/or just enjoy the game a bit more. Although some of the psychological challenges can differ from the rank beginner to the tour pro, I'm sure these techniques can be adapted and used by all of us to finally start “training our brains”.

At the time of this writing the price is $57 US. Which seems to be quite a bargain, as that just one session around here with a sports hypnotist (who may know nothing specific to golfers) is a whopping $125. Another nice feature is that these guys offer free email coaching for sixty days, as well as a solid money-back guarantee.

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